Statement of Inclusion

The Rhode Island Partnership for Home Care, as the state’s association for healthcare service providers delivering optimal personal care attendant, home nursing, home infusion, palliative care and hospice, recognizes diversity and inclusion as an essential component of our mission toward “Advancing quality healthcare at home”. We vehemently reject social injustice and barriers to equity in any form. We encourage all of our members to continue to foster workforce diversity and to act as meaningful agents toward change to end inequities and expand efforts contributing toward a better Rhode Island. As community leaders and employers, we believe that this is a time to listen and to change.

While the answers to solving inequalities are complex, multi-faceted and reach far beyond the healthcare services that we deliver, home care as an industry and the Rhode Island Partnership for Home Care as an association by its nature has always been a leader in diversity, advocating for equity and creating jobs and career ladders for all. Throughout the history of our association, we have fought and will continue to fight for a dignified wage and benefits for nurse assistants, nurses, social workers, therapists and office staff that values the quality care that they deliver in every zip code. We led and will continue to lead the charge to have equal access to home care for all Rhode Islanders in their time of need, especially when we have and continue to face barriers by our state and federal governments and their elected and appointed representatives. We want and will continue to advocate for home care workers to receive the respect and appreciation for the work being done every day to keep homebound Rhode Islanders safe and independent with supports regardless of their housing status, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender identification, or physical, behavioral and cognitive abilities.

Unequivocally, we are Rhode Islanders that stand in support of fellow Rhode Islanders. Unilaterally, we are leaders and employers that support our dedicated employees. Unconditionally, we are healthcare providers that care for our patients, clients and their families. 

It is time to elevate wages for our home care workforce through substantive reimbursement rate increases by government and commercial insurers to support this change. It is time to end inadequate alternative home care delivery systems that provide subpar quality to minority and disabled patients and clients. Through these actions, our elected leaders will demonstrate that our community values home care workers, many of whom are persons of color, for their work as not just a job, but as a profession with a career track and a healthcare setting of choice for a meaningful career.

Approved by the Board of Directors, June 11, 2020