Who We Are

The Rhode Island Partnership for Home Care is the statewide trade association for organizations and individuals who provide or promote health care and supportive services in the home.

The role of the Partnership is to provide a unified voice in the promotion of standards of excellence in home care and hospice services and to advance the position of home care as an integral component of Rhode Island’s acute care and long term care health system

Founded in 1990 to encourage the development and delivery of quality home care and hospice services throughout the state of RI, the Partnership now represents over 40 organizational members and additional associate, supporting and individual members.

Organizational members include nonprofit organizations, Medicare certified agencies, proprietary businesses, small companies and local affiliates of national organizations. A goal of the Partnership is to meet the diverse needs of its all inclusive membership.

The primary strategies of the Partnership are education; advocacy; and action. Our focus is:

  • Keeping You Informed with the latest information about the events and issues shaping the home care profession.
  • Educating Your Staff through dozens of programs designed to sharpen skills and stay up-to-date on new developments, all at reduced rates for members.
  • Advocating for You by working closely with lawmakers and regulators to advance our members’ interests, both on Smith Hill and in Washington.
  • Keeping You Connected through membership meetings, email discussions and, coming new this year, an electronic newsletter and dynamic website that facilitate peer-to-peer networking, information exchange, and support.

Our Values

RIPHC believes that the highest standards of patient care and integrity in business practices are the most effective ways to establish and retain public confidence.

RIPHC members strive for quality in service delivery and commit themselves to maintaining the highest of ethical standards.

As the voice for the homecare and hospice industry, RI PHC is committed to ensuring that the culture of the industry is grounded in ethical behavior and fair practices .

Our Beliefs

  • The value of community based care
  • The right of the consumer to access to services
  • That the consumer has the right to select the provider of her/his choice
  • The customers right to privacy
  • That all consumers should receive safe and appropriate services
  • That the provider staff should be qualified, reliable and competent


  1. Maintain current licensure / certification by the state of RI and/or other government entities as required and will provide care within the scope of professional standards of practice and/or applicable laws and regulations
  2. Provide prompt, reliable, and effective home care, hospice services and products appropriate to each individual’s needs, health and safety
  3. Promote actions that build trust with customers and public officials
  4. Serve each individual without discrimination
  5. Instruct each individual and/or caregiver in appropriate self-management and operation of the services and equipment provided
  6. Explain fully and accurately each individuals and /or caregiver rights and responsibilities with regard to home care services and products
  7. Respect the privacy and confidentiality of patients/customers and refrain from disclosing information except as permitted by law or regulation
  8. Employ staff that have been screened through reference and criminal background checks and who continue to improve their knowledge and skills
  9. Comply with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations
  10. Respect and support patient freedom of choice
  11. Act in good faith, follow sound business practices, and represent services and products accurately and truthfully.